Understand Google cloud computing

You’ve probably heard so much about Cloud Computing. This article will give you the simplest look at cloud computing and Google’s cloud computing service.

What is Cloud computing?

Defined at the most basic level, cloud computing is a remote access model.

The idea is simple: you use your computer through the internet and you interact with a server located somewhere far away. This server, in essence, is just a computer, it has its application and runs on hardware, it is quite powerful. You will use the applications on the server by executing the commands through the web browser or possibly the other interface. The remote server will do the hard work you just ordered.

Google is in a good position to develop cloud computing services

Google is in a good position to develop cloud computing services. They are a big, stable company. That is, customers can be completely confident that Google services and their data will not be gone in overnight. Google has the best team of engineers to create data centers.  And it uses moderately priced systems instead of expensive server systems.

Google cloud computing

If you think a billion-dollar company like Google will invest in large data centers with a host of high-end servers, you’ll have to think again.

Google has a much more pragmatic way to build data centers. They only buy mid-range servers. This investment helps make repairs and replacement much cheaper.

Large data center administrators know that server repair costs will be huge (with data centers having thousands of servers). This is especially important for a company like Google, the services provided by Google of course are always online with millions of users.

Therefore, Google must use a lot of servers to ensure a stable operation. Any server that is down, immediately replaced by another and almost no service interruption.

Google keeps their system as simple as possible, because, as the system becomes more complex, more and more errors occur. The foundation of the Google cloud is the system, called the Google File System. It is a distributed computing system that handles information requests through basic file commands such as open, read, and write.

The entire file system consists of networks called clusters. The Google File System will rely on the master server to coordinate the data request – each cluster will consist of a master server.

When you interact with information stored in the cloud, your actions will be transformed into data requests. It may be simple requirements, such as viewing a file, or saving a new file to the cloud. Your computer is now considered a client – it is a device that sends data requests to other machines in the cloud of Google.

Finally, a master server will receive these requests and send a message to Google’s data warehouses – these machines are called chunkservers. Chunkserver sends data directly to the client – the information never runs through the master server.


That is the operating principle of Google’s data storage system. Google stores multiple copies of the data for backup purposes (in case data is lost when a hardware failure occurs). Thus, changing the data in the cloud will be more complex. Hope this article has given you the most basic view on Google cloud computing.

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