Programming language for cloud computing

Recently, we have often heard of a very new concept, cloud computingCloud computing is growing extremely powerful today. Besides, a programming language for cloud computing is a problem that many people are concerned about. Refer to this article below.

What is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing?

The word “cloud” in cloud computing is essentially a metaphor for describing the Internet. By definition, cloud computing is based on Internet connectivity, where users share the same server, software, and data networks.

So can you imagine what the application of cloud computing is? If you are using web applications from large companies like Google or Microsoft, you are using cloud computing. Web applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Hotmail, SalesForce, Dropbox, and Google Docs are all based on cloud cputing because when they are connected to those services, users have access to massive clusters of servers. on the Internet.

How does cloud computing help us?

Nowadays, many businesses post their applications to the Internet and are adding new features through a web browser. The latest evidence is that Chrome OS, a full-featured OS, and browser-based operating system, is on the way. Sooner or later, you will be able to connect to any application just by browsing the web on your PC.

Programming language for cloud computing

1: Language data SQL

When it comes to programming languages, SQL is the language used for many decades. For example, non-binding workstation data, as well as some types of SQL. The cloud computing is also full of SQL as other areas of IT

  1. XML data language

The XML used to describe the document is the online delivery. Because XML generally does not scan computers on a computer, it is often not thought of as a language machine. XML is the markup language for data, the key is Java. Where there is Java, there is XML. With XML and being provided with the momentum of the device, XML documents are everywhere.

3: Language R

R language help user statistics, report, and drawing map.

4: Haskell function language

Haskell is a language, it is ideal for distributed cloud computing, and the Haskell cloud platform project began two years ago. Although Haskell has a favorable approval in the industry and it is in the Top 20 GitHub, but perhaps Haskell has been found to be hard to learn.

5: Erlang Language Function

Erlang has stepped out of Ericsson. In the telecommunications industry, products stay forever and everything (customers, connections, transactions, and notes) is counted in millions. A carrier-grade r listening r language is suitable for cloud computing. And the fact is that although not in GitHub Top 20, Erlang is used in popular cloud applications such as Riak, CouchDB, RabbitMQ, and even LING.

6: Language procedure Go

Go was created at Google a few years ago when Google developers were bored with languages like Stroustrup’s C,  Google offers interactive Go guides and Go Playground to understand the programming language for cloud computing

There are hundreds of programming languages to choose from. Try out your time to find the programming language for cloud computing

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