Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Storage

Over time, big names like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have used and provided cloud storage services. Cloud computing will bring a lot of benefits to these brands, but in parallel, the underlying problems will also make these brands obey.

  1. What is Cloud storage?

Cloud Storage is a form of service provided by a provider that allows users of their service to remotely store manage, share, and back up their data. This service allows users to access the file anytime, as long as there is internet access. Your data is stored on the server of that provider and you will use a desktop application or their online web application to access your data.

There are many different cloud storage services such as AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cloud computing

  1. Benefits of Cloud Storage.

With the following advantages, cloud storage has become a technology model widely used around the world.

  • Fast speeds, the same bandwidth packets, but with the cloud model, access speeds are much faster than VPS servers, providing users with the highest quality services at a fraction of the cost. This is completely free.
  • For businesses using this technology will reduce the initial investment costs of infrastructure, while the costs such as machines and human resources will also be reduced to the lowest level.
  • Removing the physical and geographical elements, virtual space will allow users to access and use the system through the Internet anywhere and on any device they use.
  • With its usability, cloud storage is suitable for many business models, which can be applied to many business areas. Meet all needs from rough spectrum to the needs in business and scientific research …
  • Scalability and scalability, avoiding degradation or lack of resources when deploying, improving the quality of services provided in the cloud.
  • With the three-layer model of cloud computing, relative reliability of cloud storage is good.
  • Cloud-based applications are easy to fix and improve on, as they are not installed on a single computer.
  1. Disadvantages of cloud storage.

However, this computer model still has some disadvantages:

  • In general, the biggest disadvantage of the cloud computing model is the security and privacy of the user. In addition, data loss can occur when system errors, Hackers attack harassment that damages the user as well, but the producers also cannot avoid. Although cloud storage service has tremendous capacity and fast access, overloading can still cause some activities to stop. However, this is also a common disadvantage of the previous virtual server
  • Another issue with the producer, when the customer wants to change the provider, is that the cloud changes are also relatively tedious, so you can probably spend a lot of money on the vendor and most likely Few people think that it will change the provider when there will be a lot of problems occur when doing this.

In general, cloud storage brings a lot of benefits. Knowing how to use it accurately and precisely with your needs is a big step in technology in life and work but be careful with its drawbacks.

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